Solutions Medical - South Africa


CP-33 Special seating and transport chair

    • Fixed seat and backrest system; ready for later upgrade
    •  Tilt-in-space seat offers pressure relief and a shift in center of gravity
    • Modular design offers quick and convenient assembly, folding and     dis-assembly
    • Compact when folded, requiring minimal storage space
    • Frame weights only 11kg once folded; nimble and easy to transport.

    • Lightweight aluminium frame prone standing frame which can be adjusted from 0 to 85 degree angle (upright to horizontal).
    • Supports at feet, calf, waist and trunk can all be adjusted to suit individual needs.
    • Gas strut ensures smooth and safe tilting.
    • Table angle can be adjusted to suit tilt angle or for activity requirements.
    • Mounted on 4 castors for ease of movement and can be folded for storage and mobility.