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The best wheelchair cushions for every situation

Are you looking for high performance air-displacement wheelchair cushions?

For every situation there is a Vicair cushion for wheelchair with its unique combination of optimal pressure redistribution and a stable positioning.

Vicair has been specialized in the development of anti-decubitus- and positioning cushions for wheelchair for over 20 years. In their head office in Wormer, The Netherlands Vicair designs, produces and sells specifically designed cushions for wheelchairs that provide relief and protection and optimally support the body. All Vicair products use the unique Vicair air-technology, that is based on the Vicair SmartCells. The Vicair wheelchair cushions are half the weight of other air cushions and one-third of the weight of foam/gel fluid cushions.

Why a Vicair Cushion?


  • The unique combination of superior pressure redistribution and optimal positioning.
  • A high comfort level.
  • High performance skin protection.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Ready for use
  • Maximum stability.
  • Low on maintenance
  • Reliable, durable and easy to use
  • When necessary, especially tailored to your situation.
  • The New generation Vicair now comes with a Lifetime Waranntee on their Aircells


What is Vicair O2 ? and why do we prefer this cushion in Africa?

Due to Southern Africa's predominant hot climate and lack of facilities, the Vicair O2  is ideally suited as the  cushions tackle the hygiene issues caused by sweat or incontinence, this new range of wheelchair cushions optimize micro climate control. The open structure of the Vicair O2 cushions allows the cushions to be easily washed in any washing machine. Without the need for a laundry bag, and without removing the SmartCells. These cushions are ideal for both institutional and home use, in situations where incontinence, temperature and humidity is an issue.

  • Fully machine washable for optimal hygiene
  • 100Breathable for perfect temperature  and moist regulation
  • Unique ‘Solid Shape’ for better immersion

The Adjuster O2

shown without Outer cover

An individual solution for every sort of asymmetry, even the extreme kinds. Stability and positioning are the key-words. Use the Adjuster for instance with foot propulsion. The filling of one of the front compartments can easily be adjusted.
The cushion offers the necessary body support while improving the posture.
The Academy Adjuster O2 is a wheelchair cushion that can be used in cases such as hemiplegia (CVA), amputations and Spina Bifida.

  • Fit for asymmetry, even the extreme kind
  • Unique design, compartments adjustable for comfort while sitting and stable positioning
  • Pressure ulcer prevention
  • High performance addition to a decubitus treatment plan
  • Standard available in two heights

The Vicair Vector O2


shown without Outer cover

Sometimes it is necessary to offload pressure where the risks are highest. The Academy Vector is based on the design of the old Positioner, but it offers even more stability and optimal pressure distribution. The seat surface seems molded to the body’s contours. Offering support where needed, resulting in improved functionality of the upper body and expanding the reach. And offloading the vulnerable area around the ischials (seat bones) and coccyx (tailbone). The Academy Vector is highly fit for use with (e.g.) ALS, paraplegia, spasms and MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

  • Anatomically contoured seat surface
  • Optimal immersion and functional stability
  • Comfortable and offloading pressure
  • Extra positioning of the upper leg
  • Extra pelvic stability
  • Standard in two heights
  • Pressure ulcer prevention
  • High performance addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan

The Vicair Active O2

shown without Outer cover

Active wheelchair users make full use of their wheelchairs in their everyday life. They also frequently transfer in and out of their wheelchair. To them, a wheelchair cushion has to provide comfort and stability, it has to prevent them from developing pressure ulcers, and all of this at the lowest weight possible…

Foam and air
Vicair’s solution is the Academy Active. This wheelchair cushion is a combination of the unique Vicair® technology (using air) and ergonomically-shaped foam. The weight of the Academy Active is low. The 45×45 cm version of this 6 cm high cushion weighs 700 grams and the 9 cm high version weighs 1100 grams.

Foam: The front of the Active is made of ergonomically-shaped foam. The foam enables the user to make an easier transfer and provides a great sense of stability.
Air: The cushion’s back side has three compartments with air-filled SmartCells™. This part of the cushion provides comfort while sitting and helps to prevent pressure ulcers.

The cover is made of a comfortable watertight -yet breathable- textile and has a pouch for storing things like keys, a wallet or mobile phone.

The Vicair Allrounder

Active as you are, not all of your activities require or allow the use of a wheelchair. In these situations, the Vicair AllRounder O2 keeps you comfortable and helps to protect your skin. As it is easily buckled onto your body, it follows you around wherever you go. Feel protected and secure during your sports- and outdoor activities, when you sit in a normal chair or on any hard surface, or when you play on the ground. Afterwards, you can simply put the entire AllRounder O2 in the washing machine to clean it up and make it ready for your next adventure together. Experience the freedom!








Positioning Back systems

The nxt Back Support Series provides one of the most advanced wheelchair back ranges available, back rest models provide shapes and contours to provide Posterior, Posterior Lateral and Posterior Deep Lateral support. The Scapula cut-out shape is designed to provide excellent support and comfort while enhancing the user’s natural range of motion. For optimal positioning of the pelvis, Pelvic-lumbar support pads can be uniquely positioned to customize the fit for the user. The wide range of sizes, models and contours provide exceptional support and comfort., contact Solutions Medical for seating assesment

Now available in Southern Africa, directly from us and through our dealers.

NXT Fixed Height back system

NXT Height Adjustable back system

The NXT Armadillo is a fixed height

A multi-adjustable postural support back that has a gentle contour and optional lateral and pelvic supports.  The Armadillo back support has a three section modular shell designed to adjust to fit the unique contour of the user's spine. Designed for users with kyphosis or other spinal deformities.


Armadillo back with cover and adjustable dual pd side supports


Ripple matresst overlay Saniflow ii

The standard class already starts with a large-cell mattress
overlay system which provides the patient with
pleasant relief using alternating pressure.
The advantages of the saniflow® II:

• Overlay mattress system
• Easy operation: continuously variable pressure setting
according to the patient weight, stable folding metal
spreader bar for attachment to the bed, simple filter
• Visual display for reaching the required pressure
• Visual alarm in the event of pressure loss (e.g. leak)
• Highly elastic foam strips on the rear side and soft
feet for noise insulation
• Cycle time 12 minutes
• Alternating two-chamber system for intermittent
pressure relief
• 17 cells, can be replaced individually
• Cell height 13 cm
• Mattress cover made of nylon/PVC fastened to the
mattress overlay at the head and foot ends with press
studs, water-impermeable
• With fold-over ends for fastening to the foam mattress

Pressure care foam Products

Medimat Cushion by Solutions Medical

Medimat Cushions are cut to size for the individual from convaluted high quality foam, this is ideal for low risk pressure care, and where sitting for long periods become uncomfortable.

 Convoluted cushion for 18 ” x 16” wheelchair. Provides support and pressure relief.   Slip free seat promotes proper positioning and improves posture.   Convoluted foam improves weight distribution and air circulation.   Highly resilient convoluted polyurethane foam provides comfort and durability.Please send us the measurements and we will cut your custom cushion for your wheelchair.

Medical Foam Ring Cushion


The Medical 18-inch Foam Invalid Ring Cushion has an open center that helps ease pressure by distributing body weight evenly. With soft urethane foam filling, this ring cushion conforms to the natural contours of the body and provides maximum comfort. This foam ring cushion displayed with a optional washable cover for easy maintenance.


  • Optional: washable cloth cover
  • Has a diameter of 18 in. (45.7 cm)


Foam Bed Wedge positioning cushion

This Bed wedge  to lift your upper body and provides a comfortable position for sleeping, watching TV, reading a book, etc. while you are in bed. These wedges are perfectly ideal for medical use or even regular home use.

This cushion is commonly used to alleviate problems such as snoring, sleep apnea, breathing problems, heartburn, Acid Re-flux . The position that these wedges make you sit or lie in helps to reduce all effects of acidic liquids that affect your digestive system. These wedges help you maintain the natural position of the body  with added lateral stability.

The wedge can be used in two angles / positions


  • Ideal for head, foot or leg elevation
  • Comfortable convoluted foam helps ease respiratory problems while reducing neck and shoulder pain
  • Optional Zippered polyester/cotton cover removes easily for washing
  • Replacement covers available
  • Size: 10" x 24" x 24"

Egg-crate or egg-box mattresses as they are commonly known, help prevent body fatigue and pressure during long periods of lying.

The Convoluted foam mattresses can be made to size and is used over or on top of your existing bed mattress.

Manufactured from high quality foam 

Can be cleaned and washed

Rolls up compact for storage

Can be made to size

Economical and affordable

Foam Pressure care cushions.

A 2-layered cushion for comfort with a firm chip foam layer, a soft high density foam layer, and removable washable covers. The Pressure Care Cushions are available in a range of different styles that can be adapted to suit both many different users.

The cushion is available for use on both sling and rigid seat wheelchairs.

Each cushion consists of two layers. A base layer of a firm supporting chip foam and a soft layer of high-density foam for comfort and pressure care.